‘Even Michael Finnissy’s Normal Deviates, premiered by the Vickers Bovey Guitar Duo, and filling its eight minutes with what seemed in this account – they play with astounding exquisiteness and unanimity – a sort of “divine chit-chat” (to borrow Coleridge’s praise of Cowper), was an avowal of belief, if only in the sanctity of tradition: that of the Robert Dowland lute fantasias he has scientifically adapted.  Finnissy the iconoclast has been a true believer all along. Paul Driver, Sunday Times, February 2017. See the full article here.

The audience at the YAP showcase held at Wigmore Hall earlier this month as part of the Monday Platform series were treated to star performances by the Vickers Bovey Guitar Duo and violinist Emily Sun & pianist Jennifer  Hughes. In the first half of the concert the guitars included in their programme a late 20th century piece by Nikita Koshkin and a newly commissioned work from Michael Finnissey, holding the listener captive by the subtlety and persuasiveness of their interpretations of music from across the ages.  In the second half of the programme Emily and Jennifer showed virtuosity and bravura in performances of contrasting violin & piano sonatas by Schubert and Strauss. It was an outstanding evening of music making and one which will be remembered as being amongst the best in the history of YAP showcases.  The Tillett Trust, February 2017

On Thursday the guitar duo of Julian Vickers and Daniel Bovey picked their programme from the early nineteenth century to the present day. A Concertino by Nikita Koshkin caught the attention of the audience with its haunting atmosphere, whilst Ravel’s Pavane was typical of this duo’s unanimity of thought and ability to conjure up a musical picture pertinent to the environment of each piece. Adrian Edwards,  July 2016.

The complex interplay between the instruments was assured and comfortable.  Rich chordal work was well balanced against the nimble flowing passages, and there was an almost hypnotic connection between the players. Gary Hickey, The Newport and Market Drayton Advertiser, November 2015.

The concert audience enjoyed the innovation they showed in their transcriptions of works by Albéniz and Granados…most sensitively played. (Vickers Bovey) provided a second half full of intrigue and innuendo, (before) an enchanting encore. They will be very welcome back in Leamington. Rating 9/10. Clive Peacock, The Leamington Courier, December 2014. Full review here.

‘…Julian Vickers and Dan Bovey (also former NYGE alumni) on the Young Artist Platform. Wonderful musicianship and exciting playing and a great taster for the main event that evening. I particularly enjoyed the Vickers Bovey performance of Pierre Petit’s Toccata and Joe Cutler’s Every Day Music, which was given its World Premiere’.
Gerald Garcia, October 2014. See the full review on Gerald’s blog here.

‘Ryan Probert’s 36 Views of Mt Fuji (of which we heard 10 or so) were more charmingly Satie-like in their oddity, and played with truly uncanny unanimity by guitarists Julian Vickers and Daniel Bovey’.
Ivan Hewett, The Daily Telegraph, July 2014. See the full review here.

‘Ryan Probert’s 36 views of Mount Fuji were given a beautiful and delicate performance by the Vickers-Bovey Guitar Duo, both composer and performers are ones to watch’.
Sean Clancy, April 2014.

‘My favourite was probably Riversong. I thought you both captured the quixotic lyricism beautifully, creating a placid pulse which allowed the music to eddy without loss of forward-motion. A balance which Stephen’s gestural style doesn’t always make it easy to achieve, as I know from playing the harpsichord music.’
Michael Maxwell Steer, April 2014.

‘Julian Vickers and Daniel Bovey are obviously extraordinary players individually, but as a duo they are exceptional. They displayed an astonishing range of tone colours, rhythmic precision, meticulous attention to detail and watchful interplay’.
Peter Thomas, November 2013. The full review for the Newport and Market Drayton Advertiser can be seen here:

‘One of the most exciting guitar duos I have recently heard. They have beautifully effortless techniques, musicality in abundance, and that special ingredient that makes them stand out… originality!’
Mark Eden, June 2013.